This Year’s Soul Train Awards was Absolutely … Magnificent!

The Soul Train awards hosted by the legendary Erykah Badu aka Fat Belly Bella which originally aired on BET Sunday, November 29th 2015 was absolutely magnificent. A night filled with great music and laughter which kept us entertained throughout the night.

Erykah Badu hosts the Soul Train Music Awards

Erykah Badu hosts The Soul Train Music Awards.

The Top 7 Moments of The 2015 Soul Train Awards

Eryah Badu’s Jokes

As the Host she delivered many jokes through the night including stating that because of “people saying that I have this common effect on rappers, that, I make em change Gods, wear crochet pants, shoulder pads. So they have banned me from all of the Hip Hop awards” she joked “with that in mind, I’m banning rap from the awards this year.”

Erykah Badu Answers The Calls.Then she got pretend calls from the likes of “3 Stacks” aka Andre 3000 alerted by Sorry Ms Jackson ringtone, then “Thugger” aka Young Thug who she said is her “favorite artist out right now”, but joked she’s “not letting anybody in, with no little’s and young’s in their name” and “plus all your subjects and verbs gotta agree, yeah.” Then she got another call from Iggy Azalea who she said can come “cause what your doing is definitely not rap.”

Tyrese: Sings and later accepts the Centric Certified Award

Tyrese sings at the Soul Train Music AwardsTyrese sings his heart out and reminds us how great his voice and authentic musical talent is as he sang “Shame” giving a moving magical and definitely soulful performance. Later on he accepted the Centric Certified Soul Train award and explained how he’s “Been on a mission to re spark and remind people of why they fell in love with true R&B in the first place.”  We appreciate it and say so far so great, keep on doing it.

Jill Scott Wins The Lady Of Soul Award and Sings

Jill Scott sings at the Soul Train Music Awards.Jill was honored for her poetic and music blessings that she shares with us all. As she graciously accepted her award she said “The goal was to write something you could relate to, the goal was to be in you house when you make that new baby, to be there to squash that argument, to incite it if necessary” she continued “I didn’t want to be sexy for anybody… I swear I didn’t , but I did wanna write some sexy stuff for you.” then after her acceptance she performed a medley of some of her classics reminding us of her awesomeness adding more fuel to the fire of Jilly from Philly.”

Tyrone appears to address Miss Badu after 18 years.

Tyrone appears after 18 years

Tyrone appears to address Erykah Badu after 18 years.

The hostess with the mostess Miss Badu stops the show walks into the audience and takes phones from Tyrese and more who appear to be interrupting the show by talking on mobile phones, and she sing to them declaring that “I can make you put your phone down” Then later proceeds to perform the classic “Call Tyrone” when out of nowhere Tyrone appears after 18 years and asks her to keep his name out her mouth and sing about someone else or to tell people to not call Tyrone.

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