Maxi Priest talks with Tabou TMF
on Undefinable Vision TV (Part 1)

Maxi Priest talks with Tabou TMF on Undefinable Vision about his music and childhood dreams, what he’d probably be doing as a career instead of music and more.

Maxi Priest talks with Tabou TMF on Undefinable Vision

Maxi Priest talks with Tabou TMF on Undefinable Vision TV

Tabou TMF: Yes indeed Yes Indeed this is Tabou TMF aka Undefinable One and I’m here with none other than the legendary Maxi Priest. How’s it going Maxi?

Maxi Priest: Lovely, splendid. I’m on top of the world, feeling really really good, especially about this album here, you know I wanna thank everybody for their support, cause obviously I wouldn’t be feeling this way if they did not, support the vibe.

Tabou TMF: Definitely, well that’s why we’re here, were here to support the album, Easy To Love it’s in stores now so make sure y’all check that out. It’s a great album, I listened to it already and I’m loving it. But I mean you know, you’re a top veteran artist, legendary. It’s an honor to be in your presence first of all.

Maxi Priest: Thank You, Thank You, You know truly, I appreciate that, because  it’s when we are appreciated for what it is that we do and bring to that table that keeps us motivated and keeps us going. Obviously there’s the physical support from the folks as well, that they actually go out there and purchase, whether it be my album or anybody else’s album. Without the support, the thing cannot sustain.

Tabou TMF: Purchase it, play it, turn it up.

Maxi Priest: Oh, 24!

Tabou TMF: Listen to it, kick back and vibe. Let me ask you a question. I know you collaborated with a lot of people from Roberta Flack to Shaggy and Shabba… Is there anybody that you haven’t worked with yet that you would like to work with?

Maxi Priest: I mean, everybody asks me these questions but it’s such a long list. I came into this business to work with the people in the business. Whether they were in the business at the time or whether they came in it after the time. So my doors and my mind set has always been open to collaborating and working with people. So for me it’s not no, strange thing. It is just a blessing that we support each other in what we’re … Especially if we’re doing this in the entertainment world, as the entertainers. Then it’s up to us to entertain.

Tabou TMF: Exactly, exactly and you do a great job at that.

Maxi Priest: Give thanks, Give thanks!

Tabou TMF: For real. So have you ever worked with any Hip-Hop artists? I ask that not to cut you but I ask that because I was thinking , I was listening  and remembering “Close To You” and those vibes and it always gives me a vibe of like when Soul II Soul came out, back in the days you know that R&B, Hip Hopish vibe, It had that.

Maxi Priest: Yeah, I mean Hip Hop as in I worked with… more from the R&B world. More like Joe and you know I’ve performed on many of shows with a lot of Hip-Hop artists and R&B artists. We’ve shared so many different shows together. Yeah!

Maxi Priest talks with Tabou TMF on Undefinable Vision

Maxi Priest talks with Tabou TMF on Undefinable Vision

Tabou TMF: Okay cool. So speaking of shows what’s one of your… say most memorable shows? I know you have a vast amount.

Maxi Priest: Oh Gosh!

Tabou TMF: But if you can think of something that comes to mind, and is really memorable to you.

Maxi Priest: Three days ago, in Hawaii.

Tabou TMF: Hawaii, oh nice! In Hawaii, okay.

Maxi Priest: And I say that because, you know I’ve done so many shows around the world, it’s like the other day we were in Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica.

 Tabou TMF: Okay.

Maxi Priest: That’s a memorable show. The other day we were in Glastonbury, England. That’s a memorable show. Every show has its own time and its own moment, and you … When you’re appreciated and you’re supported by these people, there’s an appreciation that you know you have to kind of have.

Tabou TMF: Yes, yes definitely. On a day to day basis.

Maxi Priest: That’s my life, this is what I do. This is what I chose to do. This is the life that I live. And I’ve been blessed to be doing what I’m doing.

Tabou TMF: Definitely.

Maxi Priest: There’s so many people out there in this world that are doing things that may not have been there first choice, of what they are doing, but they have to do it based on circumstances and situations. I am doing something that I chose to do; I’m blessed, to be in that situation. And not a situation that I take for granted.

Tabou TMF: Amen! So let me ask you what may be a little bit of a tough question, If you weren’t doing music what do you think you would be doing?

Maxi Priest:  In my dreams I’d probably be a soccer player, there’s a reality that I may have been in Real Estate. You know that’s… I do that anyway.

Tabou TMF: Right. That’s all possible.

Maxi Priest: I do that anyway. But that would have probably been my nest egg. Yeah.

Maxi Priest talks with Tabou TMF on Undefinable Vision

Maxi Priest chats with Tabou TMF on Undefinable Vision TV

Tabou TMF: Okay cool. So now let’s say … growing up, like do you have an early childhood memory that you’re fond of? Or activity that you loved to do as a child?

Maxi Priest:  Play soccer.

Tabou TMF: Okay, that’s where the soccer comes from, zeen.

Maxi Priest: Play soccer as a kid. You know dream that one day you’d be playing in the world cup final or something like that, you know I dreamt so much as a kid. I dreamt probably being a movie star, being you know, wanting to do something that was out of the ordinary.

Tabou TMF: Right.

Maxi Priest: And not just basics.

Tabou TMF: Well you’re already doing that.

Maxi Priest:  Yeah, but you asked me the question of um if there’s was anything that I dreamt about as a kid though, there’s so many.

Tabou TMF: Okay cool, So now if somebody’s aspiring to be an artist what advice would you give them?

Maxi Priest:  It depends on how old they are, I guess.

Tabou TMF: Say … like a teenager.

Maxi Priest:  First finish school, 100 percent.

Tabou TMF: Yeah, I agree with that.

Maxi Priest: Learn an Instrument. Very key. Perseverance, pray, dream, be prepared for some beautiful highs, and some lows.

Tabou TMF: Indeed.

Maxi Priest:  This is a life, it’s not just a entertainment world, It’s a life.

Tabou TMF: Indeed.

Maxi Priest:  Yeah.

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*This transcript has been edited for length and clarity. Original interview was filmed on location in New York City in July 2014 Additional background music produced by Tabou TMF for Undefinable Productions. All Rights Reserved.