Happy Birthday Taylor Swift

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift

It’s December 13th and we wish Taylor Swift A Happy Birthday.

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Taylor is a singer songwriter and performer who has achieved mega success with her music and is a global superstar. She has multiple GRAMMY® Awards and numerous record setting chart topping hits. She is well known for songs like Tear Drops on My Guitar, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and You Belong With Me.

We believe that the moments of life in between are the best. Taylor says “In the world we live in, much is said about when we are born and when we die. Our birthday is celebrated every year to commemorate the very instant we came into the world, and a funeral is held to mark the day we leave it. But lately I’ve been wondering…What can be said of all the moments in between our birth and our death? The moments when we are reborn…”

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Check out Shake It Off one of our favorites by Taylor Swift

What is your favorite Taylor Swift song or memory ?

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