Interview with DJ Shorty Black (Part 4)

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DJ Shorty Black talks with Tabou TMF about his recommendations for tourist visiting New York City looking for entertainment and gives us a taste of his skills on the wheels of steel.

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TABOU TMF: Alright, as a DJ that living in the big apple, you know we have a lot of tourists, what advice like… if somebody was coming to you and they wanted to like… go to a nice spot and have great time, what would you recommend?

SHORTY BLACK: Oh of course, I would say go to the Shadow Nightclub. That’s the place to be, grown and sexy, get your party on, they play all different types of genres of music, and you’ll have a good time, and also you’ll get you drink on.

TABOU TMF: Alright. What do you have coming up? Any events coming up?

SHORTY BLACK: Yes, I have one coming up at KMG … KMC excuse me, entertainment and that’s a graduation for the young kids, you know, and I’m all for the kids so, that’s gonna be a … its an honor for them to even hire me to do that.

TABOU TMF: That’s what it is, it’s Undefinable Vision and we just chopping it up about music and chopping it up about life, and this is one of our first shows and like we said, we’re happy to have DJ Shorty Black here. Let me ask you another question. What do… how do you feel about people that “press buttons”?

SHORTY BLACK: Well if you not a real DJ, I have a problem with it, like Kid Capri you know, my thing is, a DJ is a crowd motivator, you know … now if you gonna touch the buttons also you gotta know how to scratch, you gotta know how to utilize your turntables man, but you just pressing buttons that’s not a DJ, you know, that’s just my opinion, and you know I know a lot of other DJ’s that feel the same way.

TABOU TMF: Okay, so you definitely prefer turntables?

SHORTY BLACK: Of course, Technic 1200’s baby

TABOU TMF: Alrighty, you heard it here, Undefinable Vision. Right now we gonna check out DJ Shorty Black doing his thing…

TABOU TMF: This is what a DJ on the wheels of steel looks like … This DJ Shorty Black on the 1 and 2’s DJ Shorty Black! Undefinable Vision !

DJ Shorty Black talks with Tabou TMF on Undefinable Vision (Part 4)
TABOU TMF: Well thank you for for coming thru. Today’s guest is DJ Shorty Black and you can check him out on You Tube, you can check him out on Twitter, you can follow him on Facebook all the social networks. Could you let the people know how they could get in contact with you, How can they reach DJ Shorty Black.

SHORTY BLACK: Well they can reach me at Facebook:, they can hit me up on Twitter: or, they can hit me up at we all over the place baby.

TABOU TMF: Well cool, cool thank you for coming thru and thank you for being a guest on Undefinable Vision, we’re happy to have you here, and like he said you can get more information follow him on twitter you can follow him on Facebook. This is Undefinable Vision aka UVTV and we hope that you’ll stay tuned and come visit us next time.

SHORTY BLACK: Thank you my brother it was pleasure being here.

TABOU TMF: Once again I’m your host, Tabou TMF aka Undefinable One, and I thank you for tuning in to UVTV. Take your today, and make it the best ever…. See Things Different.

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