Interview with DJ Shorty Black (Part 3)

(Transcript, Video)

DJ Shorty Black talks about what makes a great DJ, what is the meaning of BPM and what he would ask The President of The United States if he had five minutes with him.


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TABOU TMF: So now in your opinion, what makes a great DJ?

SHORTY BLACK: What makes a great DJ is someone who doesn’t talk over every record… You know how to play… You know how to do transitions, you gotta know your BPM. You know, you gotta be a crowd motivator,

TABOU TMF: Okay and for the people out there that don’t know what is a BPM, What does BPM stand for?

SHORTY BLACK: That’s Beats Per Minute.. .That’s how you keep a track of… the speed of the records.

TABOU TMF: Okay cool

SHORTY BLACK: You know you don’t wanna be a person who’s playing a record at a 91 bpm and then play a 120 bpm, its just not gonna add up … so you wanna make sure its balanced out to keep the crowd moving , because if you do that its gonna be off balance, you gonna lose your crowd.

TABOU TMF: I hear that, I hear that.

SHORTY BLACK: So I’ll give you an example, if a Dj’s playing a 90… a record at a 91 bpm and another one at 120 bpm its not good. It’s gonna make the music off balance, and also you gonna lose the crowd…. so for example if I play Jay Z’s Open Letter and say that’s at an 86 and then I happen to play Pop That by French Montana the crowd gonna look at me like I’m crazy, you know what I mean.

TABOU TMF: Aright definitely, that’s one key thing, you gotta keep the crowd moving and grooving and dancing.

SHORTY BLACK: Yes man, yes

TABOU TMF: So other than Jay Z, do you have any other music that you recommend to our viewing audience?

SHORTY BLACK: Yes, I would say… to check out KRS One, He’s on an independent label now but, you know he’s still conscious and its good music, Common Sense is another one you know.

TABOU TMF: Definitely, definitely. Great, so I see you’re a conscious music lover.

SHORTY BLACK: Of course, of course

DJ Shorty Black talks with Tabou TMF on Undefinable Vision TVTABOU TMF: If you had five minutes with the president, what would you ask him?

SHORTY BLACK: I would ask him to, increase the peace in the ghetto, and the reason I say that is because, there’s a lot of young kids who don’t have nowhere to go man they lost, they don’t have no sense of direction, they out there hustling, getting in to all types of trouble man. So I would say Mr President if you’re watching, please come down to the ghettos and help our children out. Let’s make a change, in the communities… in the ghettos,


SHORTY BLACK: In the ghettos I would say.

TABOU TMF: Very cool, very cool.

SHORTY BLACK: It’s a lot of killings man, we gotta come down with this, it’s too many killings especially these young children, they closing the community centers, they need to open these things back up. When I was a child, they had the community centers, now we don’t have them anymore.

TABOU TMF: Okay, you mentioned some of the DJ’s that you liked, what do you think about female DJ’s is there a favorite female DJ that you have ?

SHORTY BLACK: Oh of course man, Cocoa Chanel baby, C’mon … Cocoa Chanel, she’s, she’s hot,

TABOU TMF: Alright.

SHORTY BLACK: You know, and she’s fine. Come on she’s hot and she’s fine man.

TABOU TMF: Okay cool. Now, did you hear in recent news that … Paris Hilton was signed to Young Money Cash Money?

SHORTY BLACK: Come on man are you serious?

TABOU TMF: Yea Man. What do you think about Dj’s and artists such as Paris Hilton?

SHORTY BLACK: Well, as far as Paris Hilton is concerned, she just need to leave hip hop alone, I mean come on just live off your family’s wealth and enjoy yourself. But as far as her getting into the Hip-Hop she don’t even know the culture.


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