Interview with DJ Shorty Black (Part 2)

(Transcript, Video)

Bronx DJ Shorty Black talks with Tabou TMF about his favorite TV shows growing up, what kind of animal he would be, his style of DJing and some of his favorite songs to play.


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TABOU TMF: So what about when you were younger? What was your favorite TV show?

SHORTY BLACK: When I was younger, The Honeymooners man… I used to tune into The Honeymooners cause you know… that’s something that… that was traditional in my house, every… on a new years eve… man, The Honeymooners man, Ralph Kramden. You know, we all would sit down, look at TV man, The Honeymooners was the thing man, with some popcorn… you know… The Honeymooners.

TABOU TMF: Jackie Gleason!


TABOU TMF: If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be, and why?

SHORTY BLACK: Hmmm … I would say, a gorilla. And the reason I would say a gorilla is because, when it comes to me Djing its like, … I’m just , I’m just wild man,

TABOU TMF: Alright, I hear that !

SHORTY BLACK: Yea, I’m untamed man, you can’t hold me back, I’m a whole different person when I’m on the set.

TABOU TMF: Okay, so could you give us your best gorilla impression?

SHORTY BLACK: Aww man you caught me off… off guard with that one … aww man, see you would have to come to one of my shows to really see me , do that , you know right now I’m not really in gorilla mode, you know.

TABOU TMF: Okay okay. You in calm mode right now.

SHORTY BLACK: Yea I’m in calm mode right now.

TABOU TMF: So what’s the biggest … party or event you’ve played so far ?

SHORTY BLACK: The biggest one I would say, it had to be at Webster Hall


SHORTY BLACK: Webster Hall man… We had over 5000 people, the place was packed. We had my boy Mike Neezey, DJ Self the list goes on and on.

TABOU TMF: Okay okay, and where’s one place that you haven’t played at, that you would like to play?

SHORTY BLACK: Oh … that would be Oze Tavern on 138th street, the lounge, aww that’s a beautiful spot man it’s grown and sexy.

TABOU TMF: Alright.

SHORTY BLACK: You need to come on down man.

TABOU TMF: Just send me an invite and let me know, you know we there.

SHORTY BLACK: No problem, I got you my brother.

TABOU TMF: Alright! You sound like a man that has everything together, and you know where you’re headed. Where do you see, DJ Shorty Black in about 10 years?

SHORTY BLACK: In about ten years I see myself, owning my own studio, getting into real estate, opening up a non for profit, Epps foundation, like I said to help the inner city children. Teach em about Djing, songwriting… Things of that nature.

TABOU TMF: Okay cool, cool, so how bout lets say um… at the end of this year… where do you see yourself at the end of this year?

SHORTY BLACK: At the end of this year I’ll be putting together a proposal, for this other organization that we got coming up called feed the homeless.

TABOU TMF: Okay that definitely sounds interesting, keep us updated with that, at the end of the show well give you contact information where you can get in contact with DJ Shorty Black, and follow up on all the things that he’s doing. What are some of the Deejays that you look up too?

SHORTY BLACK: Oh man… Kid Capri, DJ Hollywood and Grand Wizard Theodore man.

TABOU TMF: Ah… some of the legends, some of the greats.

SHORTY BLACK: Yea… yea man, you know you gotta pay homage to the old school.

TABOU TMF: Definitely, definitely. How do you feel about “illegal” downloading music on the internet?

SHORTY BLACK: Well I feel it’s taking away from the artist, you know we need to support the artist more, you know go out there and purchase these records, don’t just, download it the wrong way you know, Because there losing money, you know.

TABOU TMF: Very true, very true. So what are some of your favorite songs to spin?

SHORTY BLACK: My favorite song to spin right now, is Jay Z Open Letter, I love that song, when I play that in the clubs they go crazy.

TABOU TMF: Okay, so why do you love that song so much?

SHORTY BLACK: The reason why I love it is because Jay Z, he’s just politically incorrect, he speaks his mind, you know, and it’s no holds barred man… and its rappers like Jay Z who inspired me, to wanna play those type of records.

TABOU TMF: Okay, okay cool, no doubt, no doubt, we definitely love Jay.

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