Interview with DJ Shorty Black (Part 1 of 4)

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DJ Shorty Black from The Bronx talks with Tabou TMF about DJing and music. He discusses why he became a DJ and growing up in Jackson Projects and more.

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TABOU TMF: Hello and welcome to Undefinable Vision, I’m your host Tabou TMF aka Undefinable One and we have a great show for you today. Today joining us from the Boogie Down Bronx is DJ Shorty Black and he’ll be sitting in with us, and well be discussing music and all types of random topics. How’s it going?

SHORTY BLACK: I’m doing good, Thank you for having me on your show Tabou.

TABOU TMF: It’s a pleasure to have you here.

SHORTY BLACK: Thank you. I appreciate you my brother.

TABOU TMF: Okay so you’re a DJ, how long have you been DJing?

SHORTY BLACK: I’ve been DJing for a total of 22 years.


SHORTY BLACK: You know born and raised in the Bronx.

TABOU TMF: That’s what it is, The Boogie Down Bronx.


TABOU TMF: So you said 22 years, what made you wanna become a DJ?

SHORTY BLACK: Well what inspired me to become a DJ was, I live in Jackson projects, and for you.. for those who know of the legendary cold crush brothers, you know… Kay Gee was from… living out there, they used to to jams in the park. Him, Jazzy Black, Adam, and also Kool Keith from Ultra Magnetics is from Morrisania Air Rights so that was my influence to make me wanna DJ because I was a B-Boy.

Just being in … being in the mix of everything, you know, being in the mix because we had a lot of rappers and B Boys, in the projects and that was our way to relief … when we was, going through, you know, the struggle.

TABOU TMF: Alright cool so 22 years that’s a long time.

SHORTY BLACK: Yes, Yes it is man.

DJ Shorty Black talks with Tabou TMF on Undefinable Vision TV
TABOU TMF: Alright. Do you have any advice for upcoming Dj’s and aspiring artists and stuff?

SHORTY BLACK: Yes ! I would say stay focused, study the craft, learn the history of Hip-Hop, you know and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

TABOU TMF: So let me ask you a question, do you like TV?

SHORTY BLACK: Aww man, I love TV man.

TABOU TMF: What’s one of your favorite TV shows?

SHORTY BLACK: Aww man don’t…. don’t laugh at me man. Love and Hip Hop man. Love and Hip Hop, Stevie J man. Gotta love that guy man… man Stevie J that’s, that’s, man … He’s a funny guy man. I tune in just to watch Stevie J.

TABOU TMF: Okay so he’s one of your favorite characters on that show ?

SHORTY BLACK: Yea man, He … C’mon!

TABOU TMF: Who’s your second favorite?

SHORTY BLACK: My Second favorite, I would have to say Joseline man, she’s … she’s hilarious man.


SHORTY BLACK: And, and she pretty, she pretty, you know and she’s funny man, I like the way she talk, you know I like her swag, you know.

TABOU TMF: Alright alright, that’s cool…
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