And if it wasn’t for the Bronx… (Part 2)
The American Music Awards wouldn’t …

Americian Music Awards 2015_272

Jenny McCarthy co-host of New Year’s Rocking Eve joked about J Lo’s many current projects saying “I’d ask her to join Seacrest and me for New Years Eve, but I’m afraid shed take Ryan’s job. Then we were graced by a television premiere performance by Carrie Underwood of her song Heartbeat which was delightful in her flowing red dress.

Americian Music Awards 2015_89

The night progressed the drums and horns shouted out and the lights went up on a stunning and passionate show of talent by Demi Lavato singing her new hit Confident.

Demi Lavato at The Americian Music Awards

Then came the awesome performance of Focus by Arianna Grande who reminds us of a young J Lo, yet distinct in her own way. She is a great singer and hit some beautiful notes as she covered the stage with her melodic radiance. Later in the evening she took home the well deserved Pop/Rock Female Award and thanked her Nana who she said reminded her, “Arianna, I went on the computed, I voted so I think you’ll win.”

Arianna Grande at The Americian Music Awards
A night filled with lots more songs and performances by stars like, One Direction, Nick Jonas and Gwen Stefani. Walk the Moon and Cold Play had the other great performances of the night, as you can tell that they were totally having fun doing what they love to do. We love that! Kudos to them.

Jarde Leto at The Americian Music Awards
Jared Leto delivered a moving speech about love and one of the recent terror attacks in Paris, France at The Bataclan where he recently performed with his band 7 months prior. Reciting from the words of Antoine Leiris who lost his wife in the attacks. Reiterating the powerful message “You will not have my hatred… you’re asking for it, but responding with hatred and anger is falling victim to the same ignorance, that has made you what you are.” Leto ended by saying the truth that “The entire world matters and peace is possible.”

Americian Music Awards 2015_442
Then one of the most powerful angelic voices of our generation Celine Dion sang a version of an Iconic song famously known by one of Frances greatest stars Edith Piaf the cabaret singer, songwriter and actress titled Hymne a l’Amour. It was a powerful tribute that brought many to tears in the audience.

Americian Music Awards 2015_456
The overall best performance of the night in our opinion was given by The Bronx’s own Jennifer Lopes and of course her many outfits who at the end of the show she thanked.

Americian Music Awards 2015_535



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