And if it wasn’t for the Bronx… (Part 1)
The American Music Awards wouldn’t …

The Bronx shined brightly at the The 43rd Annual American Music Awards which was held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, broadcast on ABC and hosted by the ever radiant and beautiful Jennifer Lopez aka J Lo aka Jenny From The Block.

Jennifer Lopes at The Americian Music Awards

She blasted off the telecast with a stellar song and dance. Reminding us of the journey of a ‘fly girl’ dancer, turned actress, singer and icon. Lopez hasn’t lost any of her edge and talent it just continues to grow and improve as she continues building her legacy.

J Lo singing Waiting for Tonight

As she said after singing her song “Waiting For Tonight” in an angelic style as the audience applauded… “Wait, Don’t clap, Tonight It’s not about me, Tonight is about the music.” True to word that is what we enjoyed, what we came for and why we tuned in. She danced to the current wave of hits like Uptown Funk, Trap Queen, Hotline Bling, Bi$%h Better Have My Money and Anaconda among many others.

Jennifer Lopz - Look at her butt - Americian Music Awards

Then came the beginning of the special appearances, award presentations and performances with the likes of The Weekend, Selena Gomez, and The Iconic Prince.

Prince at The American Music Awards



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